Sawchuk: Since 1981 building excellence


Our company logo is a tree, a tree that symbolizes the principles by which we identify and accept our responsibility to our community and our industry. It has been a privilege to represent the construction industry in the Okanagan since 1981.

Our logo symbolizes:

  • Company growth as a result of innovative and beneficial business relationships

  • Personal growth through employee development and opportunities

  • The preservation and advancement of our trade, resulting from our support of Apprenticeship programs

  • Community pride derived from high quality projects constructed throughout the years with teamwork, teamwork that includes input from employees, sub-trades, and valued clients.

Our logo depicts a connection with the natural environment; we must be conscious and respectful of our surroundings at all times. Our presence must be known, but not regretted after we move on.

Some branches in our logo are not completely filled with foliage. This is a visual reminder of two things; firstly, of our responsibility to always provide opportunity for individuals who want to grow in our industry, and secondly, to be conscious of the needs of the people in the communities where we provide our services.

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