Sawchuk: Since 1981 building excellence


  Completed in 2005, this upscale condominium project was constructed on the Lake Okanagan waterfront in Peachland, BC.

The lower level of the building includes a 22,500 square foot parkade and six commercial rental units. The 17,340 square foot second level includes an amenities room, spa room and outdoor common area deck along with eight high end condo units. The 10,700 square foot upper floor contains five luxury condo units the largest of which is over 2800 square feet.

The building exterior is acrylic stucco and brick with tinted, anodized aluminum windows and features concrete arches and cantilevered sloped concrete soffits over the ground floor units.

The second and upper levels are set back from the floors below creating a terraced elevation. Large cornices provide a dramatic roof line. Each unit has a large deck with concrete pavers and glass railings with a spectacular unobstructed view of the lake.

Client:   D.B. Homes Ltd.
Designer:   Focus Architecture and Planning Inc.

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Site Design & Programming:  C.D. Cote, Programming